A photo of a woman in one of the many Sonoma art galleries.

Discover Incredible Work at Sonoma Art Galleries

For some that call Sonoma and the surrounding area home, their art comes in the form of craft beer or delicious wines. For others, their work finds its home on the walls of art galleries throughout Sonoma County. During your getaway to El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen, discover local and international talent on a self-guided art gallery tour. 

A Five Stop Self-Guided Gallery Tour

Some of the best galleries in the area are within walking distance of our Sonoma Square hotel. Start your day with breakfast at El Dorado Kitchen before you set off on your adventure. 

  • Modern Art West is known for its museum-quality art. Mediums include paintings, works on paper, and sculptures. Specializing in historical California art movements, this gallery works to promote arts in the community.
  • Make the quick trip around Sonoma Plaza to get to Lisa Kristine Gallery. See stunning work from fine artist and humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine, who documents social causes and indigenous cultures in more than 100 countries. 
  • Kats Meows Sonoma is one of the more unique galleries in Sonoma. Kat Romine, an international artist, uses vivid oils to capture pets. Stop in to order a fun gift for someone in your life with a four-legged family member. 
  • Arts Guild of Sonoma has been around for more than four decades. Founded to exhibit and advance the efforts of local and Bay Area artists, this Sonoma gallery has a rotating selection of artists who display their incredible work in this space. 
  • For more than two decades, the Fairmont Gallery has been part of the art experience in Sonoma Plaza. Showcasing fine art from national artists who paint Wine County using oil, pastel, or watercolor, this gallery is an excellent introduction to what fine art can be. 


Another great option if you are looking to enjoy stunning artwork is the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. Located just off Sonoma Plaza, this museum has an extensive gallery collection and art library for you to explore. 

Take in All Downtown Sonoma Has to Offer

A photo of a hotel room near Sonoma art galleries. From art galleries filled with unique pieces of work to activities off the beaten path, there’s plenty to do and see when you visit Sonoma. Be close to it all by staying at El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen. This hotel near Sonoma plaza is located in one of the town’s most historic structures. Each of our 27 rooms has been designed to give guests optimal comfort and luxury during their stay. Dine at one of our delicious on-site restaurants, El Dorado Kitchen and El Cantina, before curling up in our fireplace lounge. Be sure to inquire about current special offers to save on your stay. Call 707-996-3030 to learn more.