Photo from Beneath a Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Sonoma


Walking through Sonoma and wine-tasting makes an ideal vacation to one of the hottest spots in California. But if you want to try something truly unique on your vacation, take a hot air balloon ride in Sonoma and experience the city from above. Riding in a hot air balloon is the experience of a lifetime, and an amazing memory you’ll cherish with your friends and family.

The Best Hot Air Balloon Ride in Sonoma

Sonoma Ballooning Adventures will give you a once in a lifetime experience as you float above the natural beauty of Sonoma. To find out more about the amazing hot balloon tours that Sonoma Ballooning Adventures offers, keep reading below!

Sonoma Ballooning Adventures

Preflight: Begin your morning at Sonoma Skypark, a privately held airport, where you’ll find coffee, tea, and some light bites, followed by a brief orientation. Following orientation, you’ll be driven to one of the launch sites, where you’ll be met with excitement as you watch the hot air balloons come to life.

The Flight: Once everyone has boarded, your hot air balloon will ascend into the sky, where you’ll get a once in a lifetime views of the corridors of grapes, the Sonoma Valley Gateway, and Sonoma’s world-renowned landscape. Your pilot will be your guide, pointing out local highlights and answering any questions you may have about the area or the hot air balloon itself. 

Post Flight: Once you land, you’ll head back to Sonoma Skypark where you’ll be able to enjoy Gloria Ferrer’s legendary Sonoma Brut sparkling wine and an assortment of savory breakfast pastries from Sonoma’s famous Basque Boulangerie Bakery. You’ll remember the few hours you spent up in the air forever!

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