Photo of the Sonoma Plaza.

A Complete Visitor’s Guide to the Sonoma Plaza | Rich History, World-Class Cuisines, and Boutique Accommodations

The Sonoma Plaza is situated near California’s west coast in the Sonoma Valley—the number one wine-tasting region in the U.S. Surrounded by ample wine tasting rooms, fantastic eateries, historic buildings, and natural beauty, the Sonoma Plaza is a must-visit for anyone planning to visit California.

Rich History

The Sonoma Plaza has been named a national historic landmark for having outstanding historical significance. It’s home to an abundance of historic buildings surrounded by a rich history, including the bear flag monument where the Bear Flag Revolt took place in 1946. Historical buildings include Captain Vallejo’s Casa Grande and the Salvador Vallejo building. Today, the plaza hosts some major festivals throughout the year, including the Fourth of July parade and the International Film Festival.

World-Class Cuisines

The range of food options in the Sonoma Plaza is astounding. The local food is very inviting, flavorsome, and guaranteed to get your tastebuds tingling. You will spot delicious bakeries, cute cafés, and gourmet restaurants around every corner where you can taste the local delicacies. There’s even a local farmers market every Tuesday. 

Photo of a Vibrant Entrée at the El Dorado Kitchen on the Sonoma Plaza.Dine at the El Dorado Kitchen

For an optimum dining experience, the El Dorado Kitchen is the premier eatery in the Sonoma Plaza. Chef Armando Navarro serves up California-inspired cuisines with fresh, delicious seasonal ingredients. Choose from a daily custom menu that features everything from Wagyu beef to fresh oysters and seafood specials. 

A Picnic Surrounded by Rosebushes

One of the best things to do around the Sonoma Plaza is to pick out some delicious treats and arrange them into a picnic basket before having a delightful picnic in the square or the surrounding parks, surrounded by rosebushes—a romantic treat. 

Wine Tasting in the Sonoma Plaza

Being the number one wine-tasting region in America, tasting these local delicacies is a must-do when visiting the Sonoma Plaza. The Sonoma Mountain protects the area from excessive rainfall, making the perfect conditions to grow delicious wine. There are over 30 wine tasting rooms around the Sonoma Plaza to choose from and fantastic wine menus in many restaurants in the area, including the El Dorado Kitchen, which has a massive wine menu. 

Boutique Accommodations in the Heart of the Sonoma Plaza

Want to experience it all? For a mixture of fine dining, a vast wine menu, incredible amenities, and a perfect location, the El Dorado Hotel & Kitchen is the ideal place to base yourself to explore the Sonoma Plaza and the Sonoma Valley, where you can explore the vineyards and go on wildflower hikes.

Set in the historical Salvador Vallejo building, right on the Sonoma Plaza, the El Dorado Hotel features 27 boutique guest rooms, a solar-heated saltwater pool, private balconies, and a private fireplace lounge. Guests will be right on-site of the El Dorado Kitchen and have access to complimentary bikes to explore the plaza from a different point of view and venture further afield into the Sonoma Valley. Guests can use luxury features, such as an Illy espresso machine, plush robes, and luxury linens. 

To book your stay at the El Dorado Hotel, phone 1-707-996-3030 or view the latest prices and availability for your dates online.